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Colostrum-LD - Micro-Encapsulated Liposomal Delivery Colostrum

Colostrum-LD - Micro-Encapsulated Liposomal Delivery Colostrum


Colostrum-LD Capsules :: New and improved! Now with up to 50% more PRP's...colostrum's most powerful bioactive component.

Effectiveness of Colostrum

This depends on its quality and how it is processed!

Research has shown that colostrum which is water-soluble is more easily assimilated. If you are taking colostrum which is only partially soluble, you will not get the full benefits. Colostrum which has been frozen cannot be made water soluble and it must be specially micronized in order to be soluble. Simply empty a capsule into a glass of water, cover and shake. It should dissolve quickly.

Tests on several different brands of colostrum have shown that colostrum processed with excessive heat will lose most of its biological activity. This is especially true of colostrum tablets. The heat generated when tablets are formed is so high that it severely compromises colostrum's efficacy.

Colostrum that comes from pasture fed herds, who eat healthy green grass produce better milk and colostrum than cows that are fed processed foods.

It is also very important that colostrum is standardized by taking it from large numbers of healthy cows. This insures the maximum possible amount of immune factors. Colostrum that is not standardized should be avoided.

Some colostrum is manipulated to boost immunoglobulin levels. Recent research, however, has shown that higher percentages of immunoglobulin actually diminish colostrum's effectiveness in combating infection. Therefore, our conclusion is that the most effective colostrum is that which is gently processed, but otherwise left with the balance of its immune and growth factors as nature intended.

Let the Buyer Beware!

Not all colostrum is processed in accordance with these strict guidelines.

Currently no standards exist for the collection and processing of colostrum. Some colostrum contains inexpensive "filler" products such as whey by-products, which severely reduce its effectiveness. Also, if the colostrum is not collected during the first 24 hours after the birth of the calf, it will be missing many of the important growth factors.

To help you assess different brands of colostrum, below is a summary of the standard you should look for in high quality colostrum:

  • It should be full water-soluble.
  • It should come only from certified healthy, grade A diary cows (after the needs of the calf are met).
  • It should be collected only from the first milking after the second birth, to ensure maximum biological activity.
  • It should come only from cows which are pasture-fed, and certified to be hormone, pesticide and antibiotic free.
  • It should be filtered and homogenized to break down the long-chain proteins (immunoglobulins) for better assimilation.
  • It should be mixed with the colostrum from thousands of other cows to standardize and maximize the immune factors.
  • It should be processed to remove excess, unwanted fat, and dried with added heat. This process is significantly more costly and time-consuming than regular high-temperature processing.
  • It should be laboratory tested for E.Coli, salmonella, pesticides, heavy metals, antibiotics, other pathogens, a verification of high platelet count (a sign of active "friendly" intestinal bacteria) and immunoglobulin content.

There are only a few producers of bovine colostrum which meet the above standards. Read labels carefully and investigate the company. Another way to find a high-quality colostrum is to contact the Center for Nutritional Research (CNR), www.icnr.org, an independent, non-profit research organization. The CNR can provide, free of charge, a list of manufacturers whose colostrum meets our guidelines.

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