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Colostrum LD - Instant Powder 12 oz

Colostrum LD - Instant Powder 12 oz


Micro-encapsulated Liposomal Delivery Colostrum
Only with LD do you get Unsurpassed Performance!

12 ounces ( 340.5 grams)

Clinically proven up to four times more effective with LD delivery. Micro-encapsulated Liposomal Delivery is unique and proprietary to Colostrum LD. Prevents oxidation during storage; protects components from digestion (destruction during stomach passage) and then disperses them throughout the small intestine. Enhances absorption of components into the blood stream for delivery to organs and cells throughout the body for overall healing, growth and protection.

Colostrum LD has been shown to help:

  • Boost, balance and maintain unsurpassed immune function
  • Most powerful NK Killer cell activity: 400 times increase
  • Eliminate harmful pathogens and fight infection
  • Suppress over-reactivity to environmental pathogens and toxins
  • Protect and heal GI and stomach lining
  • Increase muscle strength, stamina, sped recovery, burn fat
  • Prevent and eliminate diarrhea from infectious causes
  • Nature's anti-aging miracle